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Sweet’n sticky with a touch of bitter - Bebé Fernet is one of the top performers in the Argentinian burlesque scene! This femme fatale is originally from the cold corners of Finland, but some years ago she decided that she’s had it with stripping in snowstorms and has ever since been performing, teaching and producing burlesque in Argentina as well as touring numerous venues and the most important burlesque festivals in all Latin America.


With a strong background in multiple dance styles and an eye for details, Bebé’s seductive and highly visual acts have been charming the audiences all the way from northern Europe to South America. In her sensual numbers she combines the magic of the old world with surreal and contemporary elements and lots and lots of sheer fabrics, never forgetting having just a bit of her tongue in cheek - or in many cases, out of the mouth.

Notable performances


Glasgow Festival of Burlesque 2020, Glasgow, Scotland

Barcelona Burlesque Meeting & Festival 2020, Barcelona, Spain

1st runner-up BBMF Queen

Salvaje Burlesque Festival 2020, Argentina

VHOF Virtual Burlesque Hall of Fame 2020, Las Vegas, US

Bohemian Burlesque Festival 2019, Prague, Czech Republic

Yes, nós temos Burlesco Festival 2019, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Santiago Burlesque Festival 2018, Santiago, Chile

winner of “Best Tease” and “Best Costume” categories

Salvaje Burlesque Festival 2018, Rosario, Argentina

Yes, nós temos Burlesco Festival 2018, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

London Burlesque Festival 2017, London, UK

Helsinki Burlesque Festival 2017, Helsinki, Finland

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