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Dark and passionate story about love, loss and seduction. Perfect for a Halloween-themed show for example!



Beautiful, yet a bit dark and surreal act inspired by lullabies and their melancholic atmosphere. With lots of rhinestones, sheer fabric and feather fans.

YNTB2019_Grande Noite-80.jpg

Woman with a Head of Roses

A surreal neoburlesque act inspired by a painting of Salvador Dalí. 


Ode to Red

A classic bump'n grind act done with a tongue in cheek and all the hues of red you can imagine. Includes a lot of tassel twirling!


Golden Fantasy

A luscious and classic burlesque act with some slow, sensual and sultry hip work and a golden pearl dress to die for!


Sad Circus Showgirl

A tragic story about a vintage circus performer, who only on stage can forget her broken heart.


Film Noir

An act inspired by the old movies. Red lips, femme fatale, high heels and a plot twist in the end.

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